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I, along with several other District Attorneys, exposed the biggest California taxpayer ripoff in history: EDD fraud.

As your Attorney General, I will:

  • Expose, Investigate, Prosecute and End the massive EDD fraud committed by criminals
  • Ensure the AG’s office does it’s job to fight fraud
  • Provide much needed resources to local jurisdictions to effectively investigate and prosecute these crimes

EDD fraud is just one example of ways in which California taxpayer dollars are being ripped off.

As the Statewide Chair for the District Attorneys EDD task force, I led the effort to expose the nearly $30 billion in EDD fraud committed by criminals. As a result of this fraud, state funds were paid out to people who never should have received it. Many of the claims were in the name of state prison inmates. And the current Attorney General was asleep on the watch.

I worked with law enforcement to investigate it and we found that the magnitude of this fraud was astronomical, amounting between $20 to $30 billion dollars, and perhaps the greatest ripoff of California taxpayer dollars in history.

Now we're seeing large amounts of money going to criminals.  At the same time, illegal guns and drugs have flooded our streets.  This is not a coincidence.  There is no surprise that we are seeing a rise in violent crime in our state after this massive EDD fraud.

As the next Attorney General, I will continue this work of exposing, investigating and prosecuting EDD fraud along with many other types of California taxpayer ripoffs.

Prosecute and end the massive EDD fraud committed by criminals

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