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In California, homelessness is more than just a “housing” problem. It’s also a drug abuse and mental health problem.

As your Attorney General, I will:

  • Advocate for compassionate laws to provide shelter and to treat drug addiction and mental health
  • Require those with serious drug addiction and mental health issues  to get the help they need
  • Lead on this issue, rather than repeating the same, failed talking points of the past

Homelessness is impacting communities throughout California, from big cities to suburbs across our state. Politicians keep telling you that we just have a ‘housing problem,’ while throwing billions of your tax dollars at programs that don’t address the root causes of homelessness: drugs and mental health.

In California, we have an epidemic of homelessness, drug addiction and mental health.

In order to address the roots of the problem, we need leadership at a statewide level willing to tell you the truth. 

As the next Attorney General, I will step into that leadership role and require individuals who have serious drug addiction and/or mental health needs to get treatment.

As the chief law enforcement officer, we must also acknowledge that this crisis intersects with public safety. 

We owe it to the citizens of California to address this problem, to get these people to help that they desperately need to improve the quality of life of their lives, and of all citizens in California.

Here’s the truth: we have a drug abuse and mental health crises.

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