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Rid the state of violent sexual predators and human traffickers.

As your Attorney General, I will:

  • Lead the effort to amend California law to make human trafficking a violent crime
  • Establish a statewide Human Trafficking Task Force 
  • Put human traffickers behind bars and stop their early release

Our children are at risk of human trafficking – and what’s worse? Criminals are being released EARLY from prison, because it’s not considered a “violent” crime.

Under current California law, human trafficking of a child is NOT classified as “violent” crime. 

As a career prosecutor, it’s despicable.

Human trafficking is considered a nonviolent crime under the penal code. Therefore, people who are convicted of those crimes are now getting out of prison early. 

So again it goes back to early prison release. We must hold those individuals accountable for these horrific crimes they're committing against our citizens of California.

We must combat human trafficking on two fronts.

  1. Prevention: We must work with our communities across California to prevent victims of human trafficking through education, awareness, resources and services. 
  2. Prosecution: We must be aggressive in our investigations and our prosecutions.

As the next Attorney General, I will aggressively advocate to change the laws, so that we classify those crimes exactly as they are:  Violent Crimes.

Protect our children from violent sexual predators and human traffickers

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