What People Say About Anne Marie Schubert

I am honored to endorse Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert for California Attorney General. I have known Anne Marie for over 20 years, working closely with her on many cold case murder and rape cases.  Anne Marie is a national prosecution expert on forensic DNA and its use to both identify the guilty and exonerate the innocent.

Knowing Anne Marie’s expertise and dedication for seeking the truth was the reason I asked her to take the bold step of using a revolutionary tool-investigative genetic genealogy- to solve the Golden State Killer case. Her leadership of the prosecution team in bringing this serial rapist and killer to justice was outstanding.

Anne Marie’s passion for crime victims and public safety is truly extraordinary. Californians will be well served with Anne Marie Schubert as Attorney General.

Anne Marie Schubert - Paul Holes

– Paul Holes

Co-Host America’s Most Wanted and Renowned Cold Case Investigator

Anne Marie Schubert is one of California’s most accomplished prosecutors and a hero to crime victims. As Attorney General she will target the worst of the worst – violent criminals, sexual predators and human traffickers who prey on children and the vulnerable.

Anne Marie Schubert - Marc Klass

– Marc Klass

Crime Victim Advocate and father of murder victim Polly Klass

The rape made me feel alone, vulnerable and small.  Anne Marie made me feel protected, supported and important.  When I was ready to give up on any justice, she found a way to keep that hope alive. She didn’t give up and move on. No, that’s not her style. Instead, she filed the John Doe warrant, based on DNA, that changed everything. Not only for me, but for countless cold cases.

Anne Marie Schubert - Gwyn Lamar Crime Victim

– Gwyn Lamar

Rape Victim, Paul Robinson John Doe DNA Rapist Case